Everyone is pressed for time these days, and even if lawn care and outside projects are appealing, you may not have the time to keep your yard, garden, and other outdoor features maintained to your ideal standards. Rodgers Scapes Inc. can help with fully customizable maintenance plans for every season and budget.

General Maintenance

From keeping your grass trimmed and flower beds weeded to seasonal cleanup and preparation, the Rodgers Scapes, Inc. team can help keep your yard looking its best with:

• Spring and fall cleanup and planting
• Mulch application
• Ornamental bed weed control
• Hedge trimming
• Lawn care
• And much more

Rodgers Scapes Inc. is your life-long partner when it comes to creating and maintaining your outdoor space, keeping it beautiful and safe so your family can enjoy it for years. Expect outstanding customer service, including reliable, courteous maintenance teams who treat your property as if it were their own.


Keep your lawn and garden looking its best with seasonal fertilization. Rodgers Scapes Inc. offers a 10-step program that enhances the health and appearance of your grass so you can enjoy a dense, vibrant, carpeted lawn throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Each fertilization step is precisely designed and calibrated to feed your grass and plants what they need.

Rodgers Scapes Inc. uses only the highest quality products, including extended-release granular fertilizers and low-volume liquid weed control.

Contact Rodgers Scapes Inc. today to learn more about the Gold, Silver, and Standard fertilization packages.

Snow Removal

North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas have an average annual snowfall well above the national average. Make your life easier by opting into a Rodgers Scapes Inc. snow removal plan. In addition to serving private residences, Rodgers Scapes Inc. also services large parking lots at strip malls, shopping malls, homeowner associations, and plazas.

Being prepared for inclement weather just makes sense in west and central Pennsylvania. Rodgers Scapes Inc. keeps 250 tons of salt in stock at all times and offers liquid de-icing. They also treat their salt with hot brine, making it effective even when the temperature drops as low as -5 degrees.

Rodgers Scapes Inc. takes a proactive approach to help you stay safe during perilous winter weather. They use liquid brine to pre-treat surfaces. Liquid brine doesn’t get pushed aside like traditional salt when vehicles drive over it.

Contact Rodgers Scapes Inc. today to learn more about the Gold, Silver, and Standard fertilization packages.

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